The handheld grinding machines DP-20 and DP-21 have only been on the market for a few years and have already established themselves as two of the best machines on the market.

The DP-20 has the following features:

Light weight:
Only 1.3 kg
Powerful: 700W
Low air consump: Only 15 l/s
Cooling of pin/insert: Air or Water
Support handle: Can be set in any position so that it suits the operator.
Pin holder (chuck): Wing Drive, easy to change the grinding pin.

The DP-21 is a heavy machine designed for the tough job of grinding the large inserts in a Down the Hole bit.

DP-21 has the following features:

Heavy weight:
3,15 kg
Powerful: 1,6 kW
Air consumtiom: 2 m3 on full power
Other specifications as pr. DP-20

The SUPER KING PIN grinding cups have established themselves as market leaders. This is due to the extensive development we have done to grinding pins the last few years. Developments such as elimination of the “nipple” effect, ribs on the outside to increase speed when grinding in the bit’s body streel. It also helps to prevent the pin from shattering easily if the pin should snag on the edge of the bit. The pins are FAST grinding, long lasting and keep the shape to the bitter end.

SUPER KING PIN grinding pins will fit most grinding machines on the market today.


King Pin offers also a complete range of grinding wheels, which comes in two versions:
A high quality version, which satisfies most redressing demands
A heavy-duty version, which is recommended for high capacity production drilling

KING PIN INTERNATIONAL presents rims for offroad vehicles (mining, forestry, earthmoving) that will increase your productivity and profits by reduced downtime and longer tyre life.

Due to the unique manufacturing process used, it has been possible to increase the mass by up to 100% in critical areas. Each component is fully machined from rolled steel to insure true roundness. Because of this the tire will fit better thus preventing air loss and reducing tire slippage. This transforms to longer tyre- and rim life.

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